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Carmen Man

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The beginning

My journey into creating Memoire Aromatherapy Academy and our Agiros Skincare Collection was driven by my health and my family. It began with personal challenges; living with one kidney, weak liver function, and extremely sensitive skin. I was determined to find natural remedies and solutions that would enhance my well-being. 

Following a string of health issues, I set out on a journey to explore the potential of holistic remedies.  In the mainstream market, I was disappointed with the available skincare products. Most were filled with preservatives, lots of chemicals and harmful ingredients that came with potential long term side effects.  

Fuelled by an unwavering passion for natural and organic treatments, I immersed myself in the world of aromatherapy. With an insatiable thirst for knowledge, I travelled to the sun-kissed landscapes of the South of France and the enchanting beauty of the United Kingdom, learning from esteemed aromatherapists who became my mentors.  Through these transformative experiences, I uncovered the wisdom of botanical wonders. Nature, like a gentle guardian, revealed a symphony of herbs, plants and natural extracts that could soothe, heal, and enhance well-being.

Having successfully managed my own skin issues and my personal health, I felt a deep calling to share my knowledge and the wonders of aromatherapy with others. This led me to establish the Memoire Aromatherapy Academy in Hong Kong, a place where like minded people can learn the art and science of aromatherapy. The name 'Memoire' pays homage to the cherished memories of my formative years, which shaped my purpose and passion for helping others.

Having solved my own skincare problems, I am equally committed to helping others with similar sensitive skincare issues.  Based on my personal experience and years of research, I created ‘Agiros Skincare Collection’, a clinically formulated range of products for sensitive skin types and for like minded people looking for freshly blended skincare, using trusted organic ingredients and free from harmful chemicals. 

What sets Agiros apart is our dedication to freshness and efficacy.  Our products are freshly blended upon ordering, ensuring optimal potency and effectiveness.  Memoire Academy offers skincare consultation services with proven effective results for various conditions ranging from depression to eczema and radiation burns. 

Through the Memoire Aromatherapy Academy and Agiros, my mission is to extend the benefits of aromatherapy to a wider audience. My own journey, filled with challenges and triumphs, has fostered a deep sense of empathy and compassion. It is this heartfelt connection that fuels my commitment to helping others on their path to well-being.

Join me on this remarkable journey of embracing nature's gifts, discovering the healing power of aromatherapy, and unlocking the secrets to radiant skin and vibrant health. Together, let us create a world where authenticity, beauty, and wellness intertwine in perfect harmony.

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#Natural Organic Skincare.  #Anti-ageing Skincare Products, #Freshly Blended When You Order, #Free From Harmful Synthetic Chemicals and #Trusted Ingredients.  #Penny Price Aromatherapy Products and #Aromatherapy Courses.  #IFPA & #IFA.  #Aromatherapy Hong Kong.  #Penny Price Aromatherapy.  #Accredited IFPA Courses.




CARMEN MAN - MIFPA 董事總經理,商業研究(榮譽)文學學士

卡門 (Carmen) 是 PPAHK 的董事總經理兼學院院長。自 2010 年起,她成為一名合格的芳香治療師。她開發了自己的一系列天然護膚產品,並接受過 Penny Price 的培訓。她對芳香療法充滿熱情,並花費大量時間在學院教學,為私人客戶提供諮詢並為企業提供培訓。

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Carmen Man, Professional Aromatherapist & Skincare Specialist, IFPA, Penny Price Professional Tutor, Skincare Consultant, Eczema, Psoriasis and Problematic Skins Conditions, Petcare.

Peter Ko - BPharm BCM 和理學學士/BIOMED,教育證書


Sam Wong - 物理治療(榮譽)理學士學位(香港理工大學)、針灸/艾灸文憑(VIAI)

Sam 是 PhysioSam 疼痛和運動傷害中心的主任。他是一位在 TST 工作的經驗豐富的物理治療師和認證針灸師。他在臨床芳香療法課程開始時負責我們的姿勢訓練課程。