Thyme Hydrolat

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Thyme hydrolat supports the immune system, is invigorating and antiseptic


Thyme is a perennial evergreen herb, about 40cm high with a woody root. It has small, oval leaves, from which the aromatic essential oil and the hydrolat is obtained and pale purple or white flowers. 

Thyme is recorded as one of the earliest medicinal plants in Western herbal medicine and was traditionally used for washing clothes to remove bad odours and to help with respiratory conditions, especially sore throats. 

For general health thyme hydrolat is recommended in the bath. 

Hydrolats are the aromatic waters produced by the steam distillation of botanical material, usually during the production of essential oils.  Hydro means water and lat comes from the word for milk, because when fresh these waters can be cloudy or milky from the suspended soluble plant extracts. 

Hydrolats are gentle and effective.  They contain only the most water-soluble chemicals from the plant material plus microscopic drops of the essential oils.  They may be used undiluted without problems but it is usually unnecessary as they are just as effective in dilution – less can be more!  Generally calming and soothing. 

How to use


Use hydrolats as facial spritzers.  Either use 50/50 with purified water or undiluted.
Spray liberally around pets, cooking areas, bedrooms and other areas of your environment. 
Add up to 100ml to an adult bath and 50ml to a child’s bath
Soak a cloth in hydrosol and compress to ease everyday stresses and strains.  For a cold compress use a cold cloth and for warm, use a warm cloth.