DIY Courses



DIY Lip Balm & Body Butter Course 

Ever wondered how lip balms and body butters are made? This course teaches you how to make your own organic, nourishing lip balms and body butter. Select from a range of aromatherapy blends – citrus, woody, floral or come up with a unique blend yourself!

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Hair Beauty Course

Aromatherapy is an all natural and powerful tool in helping maintain strong, healthy, glossy hair. This DIY course teaches basic aromatherapy concepts and details specific essential oils and carrier oils beneficial for hair care. We also demonstrate a method on how to naturally curl hair (that lasts!) without using heat. 

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Pet Aromatherapy Course

If you are having trouble maintaining your pet’s hygiene and cleanliness, this is the workshop for you. This workshop is aimed to teach you how to make safe and easy DIY aromatherapy products to prevent ticks & fleas and fungal growths.

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Aroma Skin Care Course

Learn how to make your own organic, natural skincare products customised  for your skin’s needs. Our course gives you an introduction to aromatherapy, a basic skincare analysis for you and an explanation of the essential oils and skincare formulas suitable for your skin type. This course provides aromatherapy tips for all skin types including dry, mature, eczema, oily and sensitive skin. 

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