Sunflower Carrier Oil

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Sunflower oil is pleasant and easy to use, leaving the skin with a smooth, non-greasy feel.

Latin Name
Helianthus annuus
Origin Ukraine

Nutritious oil rich in linoleic acid Sunflower oils contain vitamins A, D and E with the minerals calcium, zinc, potassium, iron and phosphorus, it is a great oil for massage

A very pale yellow oil Sunflower is light and slightly sweet. Organic oil is often used as the maceration medium for Calendula and other plants.

  • Beneficial for skin complaints and bruises
  • Alleged to be helpful in the case of leg ulcers
  • Included in preparations for skin disorders such as haemorrhoids, acne, seborrhoea, rhinitis and sinusitis.
  • The oil has a softening, moisturising effect on the skin and is good for use in massage
  • Sunflower oil has slight diuretic properties
  • It is expectorant and as it contains inulin, it is useful in the treatment of asthma. (Mabey 1988 p.14)

(Len & Shirley Price: Carrier Oils for Aromatherapy & Massage 4th Edition)

It can be used on its own (100%) for a massage base.  The oil will keep for up to 2 years in a cool, dark place.

How to Use Apply direct to affected areas of the skin or use 15 drops essential oils in 50ml for massage.
Store in a cool, dark place. Not animal tested.