Geranium Rose Essential Oil

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Geranium Rose essential oil has a rose-like sweet and floral aroma. This versatile essential oil is clearing, calming, replenishing and relaxing.

How to use?  

4-5 drops in bath, on tissue or in a vaporiser. 15 drops in 50ml carrier. 

WARNING – do not apply undiluted or internally. Keep away from children and eyes. Store in cool, dark place

Latin Name
Pelargonium graveolens
Plant family
Distillation of the leaves
Europe, Isle de Bourbon, Egypt
Plant characteristics
There are over 450 different types of geranium. Pelargonium geranium is a strongly scented leaf geranium, which varies in size according to its growing conditions. Sometimes there are pinky-purple flowers present. 
Oil characteristics
A greenish-yellow liquid with an earthy, sweet, cloying aroma. 
Traditional use
Was used for haemorrhoids, menorrhagia (blood loss), ulcers and in viral situations. Ancient Egyptians used it against tumours.
Blends well with
Lemon, sweet thyme, bergamot, sweet marjoram essential oils 
Cautions and comments
No known contra-indications. Hypersensitive individuals should not use the essential oil directly on the skin. 
Main chemical constituents
Alcohols (65%), esters (15%), aldehydes (10%).