Citronella Essential Oil

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Citronella essential oil has a fresh lemony scent. It is an excellent insect repellant and is energising.

How to use? 

4-5 drops in bath, on tissue or in a vaporiser. 15 drops in 50ml carrier. 

WARNING – do not apply undiluted or internally. Keep away from children and eyes. Store in cool, dark place. 

Latin Name
Cymbopogon nardus
Andropogon nardus, Sri Lankan citronella
Plant family
Poaceae (graminaceae) 
Distillation of the fresh or dried grass
Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe
Plant characteristics
A tall aromatic perennial grass, which has derived from the wild ‘managrass’ found in Sri Lanka.
Oil characteristics
A pale yellow liquid with a brownish tinge. A fresh, powerful, lemony citrus aroma.
Traditional use
Used by ancient civilisations to help fever, parasites, digestive congestion and as an insect repellent. 
Blends well with
Sandalwood, geranium and pine. Sandalwood, geranium and pine. 
Cautions and comments
There are no known contra-indications for the oil, but it has been known to cause dermatitis and should be taken with care. Avoid during pregnancy. Citronella is used in alcoholic and soft drinks and in many foods as a flavouring. 
Main chemical constituents
Geraniol (<40%), Citronellol (<50%).