Celery seed Essential Oil

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Celery Seed essential oil has a spicy, warm and long lasting scent. It helps maintain healthy digestion and is a general tonic for everyday aches and pains.

How to use?  

4-5 drops in bath, on tissue or in a vaporiser. 15 drops in 50ml carrier. 

WARNING – do not apply undiluted or internally. Keep away from children and eyes. Store in cool, dark place.

Latin Name
Apium graveolens
Celery Fruit
Plant family
Distillation of the whole, or crushed seeds
Native to Southern Europe (France)
Plant characteristics
30-60cm high, with grooved fleshy, erect stalks, shiny pinnate leaves and umbels of white flowers.
Oil characteristics
A pale yellow to orange liquid with a spicy-sweet, warm, long-lasting odour.
Traditional use
Used widely as a domestic spice, the seed is used for bladder and kidney complaints, digestive upsets and menstrual problems and the leaves are used in skin ailments. 
Blends well with
Lavender, pine, tea tree, coriander and other spice essential oils 
Cautions and comments
Non-toxic, non-irritant, possible sensitization. Avoid during pregnancy. 
Main chemical constituents
Limonene 60%, apiol, seline, santolol, sedanolide and sedanolic acid anhydride, among others.