Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil

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Cedarwood Atlas essential oil has a warm sweet scent with a woody balsamic undertone. It is beneficial for all skin types and helps maintain a healthy circulation.

How to use?  

4-5 drops in bath, on tissue or in a vaporiser. 15 drops in 50ml carrier. 

WARNING – do not apply undiluted or internally. Keep away from children and eyes. Store in cool, dark place.

Latin Name
Cedrus atlantica
African cedar, Moroccan cedarwood, Atlas cedar 
Plant family
Distillation from wood stumps and sawdust
Morocco, Lebanon
Plant characteristics
This sturdy evergreen tree is a common sight in the Northern Hemisphere. The essential oil is distilled from the wood and has a slight turpentine odour. There are many varieties of cedars and care must be taken to buy the oil with the above Latin name, as some others are less gentle. 
Oil characteristics
A yellow-orange viscous oil with a warm camphoraceous woody aroma. 
Traditional use
Used as a poison antidote, bronchial and urinary conditions and as an insect repellent. 
Blends well with
Frankincense, sandalwood, ylang ylang, mandarin essential oils 
Cautions and comments
There are no known contra-indications if the oil bears the correct Latin name of Cedrus atlantica. This sedative oil is a wonderful alternative to the more expensive sandalwood oil, having many of the same benefits. 
Main chemical constituents
Sesquiterpenes (50%), alcohols (30%), ketones (20%).