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Unusual Oils Course 

This class is for qualified aromatherapists looking to explore the healing properties of lesser-known essential oils that you may not have known or considered before! The list of essential oils explored is as follows:


1.       Amyris
2.       Angelica 
3.       Anise Star
4.       Aniseed
5.       Birch Sweet
6.       Celery Seed
7.       Cistus
8.       Laurel
9.       Linden Blossom
10.    Spikenard

Date:  Call us to schedule a date of your choice
Duration: 3 hours
Language: Cantonese & English
Instructor: Carmen Man (MIFPA)
Fee: HKD 900 (4 or more people), HKD 1,300 (one-to-one)