Thyme Wild Essential Oil 10ML

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Thyme Wild has a sweet, green, herb-like aroma, with peppery undertones. Distilled from the flowering tops Thyme wild is calming and cleansing

Size: 10ML

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How to use?  

4-5 drops in bath, on tissue or in a vaporiser. 15 drops in 50ml carrier. 

WARNING – do not apply undiluted or internally. Keep away from children and eyes. Store in cool, dark place.

Latin Name
Thymus serpyllum
Olibanum gum, incense
Distillation from the flowering tops

A  yellow liquid with a sweet, green, herb-like aroma, with peppery undertones.

It's a perennial evergreen herb, about 40cm high with a woody root.  It has small, oval leaves, from which the aromatic essential oil is obtained and pale cream or white flowers. There are numerous varieties of Thyme, the common Thyme is believed to have derived from the wild Thyme or mother of thyme. Another species used for the production of red thyme oil is Spanish sauce Thyme, a highly penetrating oil good for cellulitis and sports injuries.

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