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Aniseed - EO 10ML
168.00 $ 168.00 $ 168.0 HKD
Aniseed essential oil can help maintain a healthy metabolism and is uplifting. It has a warm and spicy-sweet aroma.
Anise star - EO 10ML
140.00 $ 140.00 $ 140.0 HKD
Anise Star essential oil has a warm, spicy and very sweet scent. It can help everyday aches and pains
Angelica Root - EO
0.00 $ -0.0 HKD
Angelica essential oil helps maintain the immune system, is useful for everyday stresses and maintaining clear, healthy skin.
Amyris - EO 10ML
224.00 $ 224.00 $ 224.0 HKD
Amyris essential oil helps maintain the immune system, used for everyday stresses and can maintain clear, healthy skin.
Tagetes - EO 10ML
329.00 $ 329.00 $ 329.0 HKD
Tagetes essential oil is a thick liquid which solidifies on exposure to air and light, with a bitter-green, heady odour.
Spikenard - EO
0.00 $ -0.0 HKD
Spikenard essential oil has a heavy, sweet-woody, spicy aroma, similar to Valerian oil. It is cleansing and calming.
Spearmint - EO 10ML
176.00 $ 176.00 $ 176.0 HKD
Spearmint essential oil has a spicy-herbaceous, minty aroma. It is cleansing and may help maintain a healthy digestive system. A good oil for focusing and easing the mind.