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Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil
44.00 $ 44.00 $ 44.0 HKD
Lemon Myrtle essential oil has a refreshing and very lemon-like odour. It is balancing and uplifting
Sandalwood Essential Oil
0.00 $ 0.0 HKD
Sandalwood essential oil is a sweet, balsamic, woody aroma with fresh overtones and a comforting base. It is cleansing and calming for emotions and useful for dry skin conditions.
Frankincense Essential Oil
0.00 $ 0.0 HKD
Frankincense essential oil has fresh ‘church’ aroma that has ‘damp’ yet pleasant qualities. It is useful for everyday stresses and strains and also grief.
Clary Sage Essential Oil 10ML
0.00 $ 0.0 HKD
Clary Sage essential oil is excellent for helping and maintaining women’s hormonal system and is especially useful for menopause.
Ylang Ylang Complete Essential Oil 10ML
0.00 $ 0.0 HKD
Ylang ylang complete essential oil has a sensuous sweet, green, floral odour. It is cleansing, aphrodisiac and tonic.
Yarrow Essential Oil 10ML
968.00 $ 968.00 $ 968.0 HKD
Yarrow essential oil has a fresh, green, sweet-herbaceous, slightly camphoraceous odour. Yarrow is cleansing, calming and circulatory.
Vetiver Essential Oil
0.00 $ 0.0 HKD
Vetiver essential oil has a deep smoky, earthy-woody odour and a sweet persistent undertone. It is cleansing and useful for everyday living.
Valerian Essential Oil 10ML
608.00 $ 608.00 $ 608.0 HKD
Valerian essential oil has a warm,woody, balsamic, musky odour. It is grounding and calming.
Tumeric Essential Oil 10ML
148.00 $ 148.00 $ 148.0 HKD
Thyme Wild Essential Oil 10ML
220.00 $ 220.00 $ 220.0 HKD
Thyme Wild has a sweet, green, herb-like aroma, with peppery undertones. Distilled from the flowering tops Thyme wild is calming and cleansing
Thyme Thymol Red Essential Oil 10ML
332.00 $ 332.00 $ 332.0 HKD
Thyme red essential oil has a sharp, green, herbaceous aroma, with antiseptic undertones. It is cleansing, purifying and a mental stimulant.
Thyme Thujanol Essential Oil 10ML
320.00 $ 320.00 $ 320.0 HKD
Thyme Thujanol essential oil is cleansing and circulatory.
Thyme Linalol Sweet Essential Oil 10ML
192.00 $ 192.00 $ 192.0 HKD
Thyme linalol (sweet) essential oil has a sweet, green, geranium-like aroma, with herby undertones. It is cleansing, purifying and can help maintain a healthy immune system.
Tea Tree Essential Oil
28.00 $ 28.00 $ 28.0 HKD
Tea Tree essential oil has a fresh antiseptic, camphorous odour. Tea Tree is calming and cleansing.
Tarragon Essential Oil 10ML
556.00 $ 556.00 $ 556.0 HKD
Tarragon is distilled from the leaves and produces oil which has a sweet, spicy-green scent. Tarragon is invigorating and may help maintain a healthy digestive system.
Tangerine Essential Oil
16.00 $ 16.00 $ 16.0 HKD
Tangerine essential oil has a sweet, light and tangy scent. It is cleansing, uplifting and refreshing.
Savoury Winter Essential Oil 10ML
220.00 $ 220.00 $ 220.0 HKD
Savoury Winter has a sharp, herbaceous odour and the whole herb is steam distilled to extract the oil. Savoury winter is cleansing, protective and is a good oil for balancing. It may help to maintain healthy ears and throat.
Sage Spanish Lavender Essential Oil 10ML
252.00 $ 252.00 $ 252.0 HKD
Sage Spanish Lavender essential oil could be used for unbalance and unrest.
Sage Essential Oil
16.00 $ 16.00 $ 16.0 HKD
Sage essential oil oil is herby-sweet with fresh mint overtones. It is cleansing and calming. It can be balancing in women care.