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Lemon Myrtle - EO
0.00 $ -0.0 HKD
Lemon Myrtle essential oil has a refreshing and very lemon-like odour. It is balancing and uplifting
Sandalwood - EO
0.00 $ -0.0 HKD
Sandalwood essential oil is a sweet, balsamic, woody aroma with fresh overtones and a comforting base. It is cleansing and calming for emotions and useful for dry skin conditions.
Frankincense - EO
0.00 $ -0.0 HKD
Frankincense essential oil has fresh ‘church’ aroma that has ‘damp’ yet pleasant qualities. It is useful for everyday stresses and strains and also grief.
Clary Sage - EO 10ML
296.00 $ 296.00 $ 296.0 HKD
Clary Sage essential oil is excellent for helping and maintaining women’s hormonal system and is especially useful for menopause.
Mandarin Green - EO
0.00 $ -0.0 HKD
Ylang Ylang Complete - EO 10ML
348.00 $ 348.00 $ 348.0 HKD
Ylang ylang complete essential oil has a sensuous sweet, green, floral odour. It is cleansing, aphrodisiac and tonic.
Yarrow - EO 10ML
968.00 $ 968.00 $ 968.0 HKD
Yarrow essential oil has a fresh, green, sweet-herbaceous, slightly camphoraceous odour. Yarrow is cleansing, calming and circulatory.
Vetiver - EO
0.00 $ -0.0 HKD
Vetiver essential oil has a deep smoky, earthy-woody odour and a sweet persistent undertone. It is cleansing and useful for everyday living.
Valerian - EO 10ML
608.00 $ 608.00 $ 608.0 HKD
Valerian essential oil has a warm,woody, balsamic, musky odour. It is grounding and calming.
Tumeric - EO 10ML
148.00 $ 148.00 $ 148.0 HKD
Thyme Wild - EO 10ML
204.00 $ 204.00 $ 204.0 HKD
Thyme Wild has a sweet, green, herb-like aroma, with peppery undertones. Distilled from the flowering tops Thyme wild is calming and cleansing
Thyme Thymol Red - EO 10ML
332.00 $ 332.00 $ 332.0 HKD
Thyme red essential oil has a sharp, green, herbaceous aroma, with antiseptic undertones. It is cleansing, purifying and a mental stimulant.
Thyme Thujanol - EO 10ML
320.00 $ 320.00 $ 320.0 HKD
Thyme Thujanol essential oil is cleansing and circulatory.
Thyme Linalol Sweet - EO 10ML
168.00 $ 168.00 $ 168.0 HKD
Thyme linalol (sweet) essential oil has a sweet, green, geranium-like aroma, with herby undertones. It is cleansing, purifying and can help maintain a healthy immune system.
Tea Tree - EO
0.00 $ -0.0 HKD
Tea Tree essential oil has a fresh antiseptic, camphorous odour. Tea Tree is calming and cleansing.
Tarragon - EO 10ML
556.00 $ 556.00 $ 556.0 HKD
Tarragon is distilled from the leaves and produces oil which has a sweet, spicy-green scent. Tarragon is invigorating and may help maintain a healthy digestive system.
Tangerine - EO
0.00 $ -0.0 HKD
Tangerine essential oil has a sweet, light and tangy scent. It is cleansing, uplifting and refreshing.
Savoury Winter - EO 10ML
204.00 $ 204.00 $ 204.0 HKD
Savoury Winter has a sharp, herbaceous odour and the whole herb is steam distilled to extract the oil. Savoury winter is cleansing, protective and is a good oil for balancing. It may help to maintain healthy ears and throat.
Sage Spanish Lavender - EO 10ML
196.00 $ 196.00 $ 196.0 HKD
Sage Spanish Lavender essential oil could be used for unbalance and unrest.
Sage - EO
0.00 $ -0.0 HKD
Sage essential oil oil is herby-sweet with fresh mint overtones. It is cleansing and calming. It can be balancing in women care.