Neem Healing Balm
0.00 $ 0.0 HKD
PH Balancing Toner
0.00 $ 0.0 HKD
Moisturizing hydrolat, balance PH level.
* You can choose the hydrolat base, e.g rose, lavender, neroli and sandalwood etc.
Shaving Gel
200.00 $ 200.00 $ 200.0 HKD
Deodorant Spray
0.00 $ 0.0 HKD
Hand made deodorant containing a blend of lemon, cypress, other pure essential oils and hydrolats.

A natural deodorant spray handmade with all natural ingredients that is gentle and effective. This will keep you smelling fresh all day.

How to use - Shake before use. Re-apply as needed.
Power up Plus (10ml)
500.00 $ 500.00 $ 500.0 HKD
Upgraded "Power Up" synergy, blend with: Anti-microbial, breathing, oregano, thieves
Power up (10ml)
450.00 $ 450.00 $ 450.0 HKD
Blend with: Anti-microbial, breathing, thieves
Indigo dye
120.00 $ 120.00 $ 120.0 HKD
Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil
44.00 $ 44.00 $ 44.0 HKD
Lemon Myrtle essential oil has a refreshing and very lemon-like odour. It is balancing and uplifting
Oregano Hydrolat
0.00 $ 0.0 HKD
Oregano hydrolat is calming and antiseptic
Neroli Hydrolat
0.00 $ 0.0 HKD
Neroli hydrolat has a beautiful floral aroma perfect for skin care.
Sandalwood Essential Oil
0.00 $ 0.0 HKD
Sandalwood essential oil is a sweet, balsamic, woody aroma with fresh overtones and a comforting base. It is cleansing and calming for emotions and useful for dry skin conditions.
Frankincense Essential Oil
0.00 $ 0.0 HKD
Frankincense essential oil has fresh ‘church’ aroma that has ‘damp’ yet pleasant qualities. It is useful for everyday stresses and strains and also grief.
Clary Sage Essential Oil 10ML
0.00 $ 0.0 HKD
Clary Sage essential oil is excellent for helping and maintaining women’s hormonal system and is especially useful for menopause.
Thieves Synergy
0.00 $ 0.0 HKD
Thieves Oil is a special blend made up of, Cinnamon Leaf Oil, Clove Leaf Oil, Eucalyptus Radiata, Lemon Oil and Rosemary Oil
Neem Carrier Oil
0.00 $ 0.0 HKD
Neem oil is calming and soothing.
Castor Bean Carrier Oil
0.00 $ 0.0 HKD
Castor Bean oil is soothing and balancing.