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Unique 5-Steps Treatment Program

Our professional aromatherapist - Carmen Man have in-depth knowledge and expertise in formulation and continue to research into new natural ingredients to address different skin conditions for my clients.

Our unique 5-steps system produces amazing natural results
    – covering anti-aging, wrinkles, skin pigmentation, acne and skin hydration.

Step 1: Assessment (skin, lifestyle and other Q&A)
Step 2: Treatment Plan (approach and formulation)
Step 3: Validation (patch test)
Step 4: Reassessment (reassess approach and formula)
Step 5: Optimisation (continuously optimise formula)

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Successful Cases

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Acne - 6 days
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Baby Eczema - 10 days
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Wrinkles - 2 days

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Scar - 15 days
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Pigment - 2 months
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Burn - 1 week

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