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Corporate Wellness Workshop

Many companies are now looking at ways of improving employee health and implement strategies that reduce medical insurance costs and absenteeism as well as increase employee engagement and on-the-job efficiency.  Wellness programs demonstrate to employees that their health is important and that their employers know and care about this aspect.  Almost 50% of medical costs are incurred due to illnesses that can be avoided with small lifestyle changes.

We provide health and wellness workshops, teaching aromatherapy concepts, applications as well as DIY classes. To promote wellbeing for the staff of large corporations. Further, I can tailor my DIY or introductory aromatherapy courses for companies to complement their human resources strategy and vision.


Boost Immune Systems

Improve Absenteeism

Understanding Aromatherapy

Improve Wellbeing

Reduce Stress

DIY Product List 

Skincare Product
- Hair Product
- Perfume
- Massage Oil
- Bespoke Product
Odoo • Text and Image